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Inquire, Expand, Relax

Find the perfect place to unplug,
unwind and take time to uncover
your best self and place within
the world.

CRC | The Contemplative Resource Center

at West 1077 Guest Ranch

Whether you want to kick your
feet up by the fire, saddle up on a
horse for a trail ride or take a
crack at counting stars, we have
the space for you to

let go & relax.

The CRC is open to all

A meditation area at the Contemplative Resource Area.

The CRC offers a variety
programming in addition to
personal retreats and relaxing
stays on our ranch land.
Our philosophy draws from
traditional contemplative
practices and Buddhist
teachings, in an effort to offer
support and resources to our
patrons whereby relating to the
challenging times we live in is an
ever growing concern.

Programs and Events

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Whether you want to study wildlife, explore a trail, go mountain biking, kick your heels up at a local saloon, or meditate on a patch of grass, the CRC welcomes you and offers myriad opportunities for self-discovery, recreation, and connecting to community and nature.

Book your personal growth retreat today

A wooden table and several stools sit empty on the porch overlooking the guest cabins.

The CRC is ever growing!
Here is our plan of expansion:

 “The hill country of Texas. It knew my folks, my family. And my friends. Where wild wings fly. Above the peaceful valleys. By the Pedernales. Please let me sleep beneath the Texas skies”